The term ‘Special Education’ describes students with learning (exceptionalities) difficulties or disabilities challenging them not to grasp concepts, access information and master skills easily as compared to other students without disabilities.
“Special education” is the “Catch-all” term that encompasses the specialized services that DUCE provides for students with Disabilities (SWDs) at this Unit.
The Unit is Under the Faculty of Education. It was established in the year 2005 and it is located in the College Library Building, first floor, room No. 27, 28 and another room near French Department. The Unit has well trained Readers, Note-takers and Guiders – available most of the time to take care of the SWDs.

This Unit aims at making reasonable adjustment to ensure SWDs are able to fully participate in all Academic and non-academic opportunities  within the College (DUCE) premises on the same basic as students  without Disabilities.
The services provided targets the following:-

  • Students with Visual  impairment
  • Students who are Deaf and hard of hearing
  • Students with physical challenges
  • Students with Emotional and behavior  disorders (such as  ADHD and ADD)
  • Students with learning disabilities
  • Students with communication disorders
  • Students with albinism

Students with these special needs benefit from additional educational services such as customized learning approaches, technologies, teaching areas/rooms and resources.
The above services are facilitated through availability of the following devices:-

  • Tape recorders
  • White Canes
  • Computer with JAWS software
  • Perkins Braille,
  • Talking scientific calculators
  • Magnifiers
  • Wheel chair
  • Embosser and scanners
  • Typewriter machines


  • Facilitation and training of Orientation and Mobility skills to Students with Visual Impairment within the University environment and Sign Language for Deaf Students.
  • Supervision and advice of newly appointed readers/Note-takers for  students with disabilities (SWD’s)
  • Transcribing and invigilating all University tests and examination to students with disabilities
  • Promotion of Special Education Intervention across the curriculum.
  • The development of partnerships with other stakeholders for mainstreaming and resource help for students with disabilities
  • Assisting student who are Deaf with sign language interpreter services.
  • Carrying out minor services and maintenance of the equipments like Perkin Braille and typewriters
  • Sensitization for students groups, Administrators, Academicians and the entire College community.
  • Carrying out guidance and counseling to students with disabilities when needs be.
  • Supporting students with disabilities and special needs during Teaching Practice
  • Provision of special materials such as Braille papers, Perkins machines, tape recorders, white cane, typewriters and wheelchair to facilitate learning among SWD’s.

Related Partners:-

  • University of Dar Es Salaam (UDSM) – Special Education Unit
  • Sight Savers International (SSI) – Box 2513, DSM

Tel: 00 255 22 2701098

  • Tanzania Society for the Blind (TSB)

  • Tanzania League of the Blind (TLB)

Box 2240, DSM.

  • CCBRT- Hospital: Box 23310, DSM

Tel: (0) 22 260 2192

  • The Tanzania Federation of Disabled People’s Organization (SHIVYAWATA)

Box 42924, DSM
Tel +255 22 276 2233 Mob: +255 754 698820


P.O. Box 21591
TEL/FAX : +255-22-2856829
For Further Information Contact
Special Education Unit
Library Building, Second floor
Room no. 27 and no. 28
Mobile phone:
+255 715 692 270
+255 652 849 103