The Gender Unit at DUCE has been urged to organize more workshops on gender based analysis and approaches at the College.

A call has been made by academic members of staff on day two of the gender workshop in which the academics were introduced to new approaches to conducting gender based researches.

 The workshop was organized jointly by DUCE Gender Unit and Trinity College Dublin (TCD, Ireland) under the GATE project supported by the Irish government.

The Coordinator of the GATE project, Dr. Perpetua Urio, said the workshop was instrumental in that it brought together academic members of staff from different faculties and disciplines at the College.

 ‘Gender is not a one faculty or unit issue but touches different disciples in different ways,’ Dr. Urio said hailing the participants adding that the multidimensional nature of the subject called for members from different faculties and disciplines to work together.

The Coordinator of the Gender Unit, Dr. Ikupa Moses, said the unit has plans to conduct more gender based trainings to enable faculty members incorporate gender analyses in their areas of specializations.

The main facilitator of the workshop, Dr. Susan Murphy, from TCD thanked the participants and the organizing committee for good organization.

In a special way Dr. Murphy encouraged the participants to broaden their research bases by engaging in researches on gender and gender mainstreaming.

The main facilitator for the workshop, Dr. Susan Murphy. Dr. Murphy spent day two of the workshop to talk on gender and education, theoretical and analytical frameworks, and gender based approaches – monitoring and evaluation.
GATE Project Coordinator, Dr. Perpetua Urio (standing), giving a vote of thanks during the workshop closing. On the right is the Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria (Canada), Prof. Ralf St. Clair. Prof. Clair gave a lecture on global trends and local questions in educational research in the morning.
Participants take notes as the GATE Coordinator, Dr. Perpetua Urio, explains the way forward.
A member of the workshop organizing team, Dr. Consolata Chua, clarifying a point raised by the participants.
A member of the workshop organizing team, Dr. Christina Rapael, reading aloud comments from the participants as they were charting the way forward.
Participants following up workshop sessions