On Thursday 06 December 2018, delegates from East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai visited Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE). The visit was about advancing the existing cooperation in various academic joint activities between the two universities.

During the occasion, DUCE delegation was led by the Deputy Principal – Academic, Dr. Julius Mbuna, while ECNU delegation was led by the Vice President, Prof. Wang Rongming. Besides the discussion session, the visitors had time for touring the College to see how the daily academic activities are conducted at DUCE.

ECNU has been in academic collaboration with the University of Dar es salaam since 2015, and some academic staff from DUCE are pursuing PhD studies at ECNU. The recent meeting is expected to open-up more research opportunities and cooperation between the two Institutions.

DUCE and ECNU delegates ready for the meeting in room 101 at TPC building within DUCE premises
From left; Prof Wang Rongming, Vice President East China Normal University, Mr. Yan Feiyi, Program Officer – International Exchange Division, Prof. Meng Zhogjie, Head – Department of History, Prof. Mu Tao, Professor Department of History and Prof. Li Yueqin, Professor of History following the meeting proceedings.
DUCE Deputy Principal Academic, Dr. Julius Mbuna (in a black jacket) insisting a point during the meeting, looking on are other delegates from DUCE and ECNU.
The Dean, Faculty of Education, Dr. Joel Kayombo (standing) addressing the meeting on matters related to the links between the two institutions (DUCE and ECNU)
The meeting in progress
Prof. Wang Rongming, Vice President East China Normal University presenting a gift to Dr Julius Mbuna, DUCE- Deputy Principal Academi, during the event.
It was all smiles during presentation of gifts; Dean – Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Dr. Emiliana Mwita (left) receiving a gift from ECNU Vice President Prof. Wang Rongming.
ECNU delegates had time to interact with DUCE students in their personal study areas “vimbwete” within the College campus.
DUCE Faculty of Science Laboratory technician, Mr. Mgaka John (in a draft shirt) on a conversation with some ECNU delegates, when the later visited the Science Laboratory at the College

ECNU Vice President Prof. Wang Rongming, had time to admire some documents/publications from DUCE Library.