DUCE has welcomed five delegates from the North East Normal University as part of the long term strategy to enhance international collaborations with universities abroad and expanding scopes of research activities at the college.

Welcomed at the principal’s office are the five NENU delegates. (From Left) NENU’s Deputy Division Director of International Cooperation and Exchanges Dr. Desheng Sun, Vice President Prof. Jianhua Guo, Coordinator of International Cooperation and Exchange Programmes Dr. Lijun Zhang, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Education – Doctoral Supervisor of Education Science Dr. Lin Zhou, and Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Educational Economy and Management Prof. Yingxiu Yang.
The Principal Prof. Godliving Y. S. Mtui, Deputy Principal (Academic) Dr. Julius Mbuna, and Deputy Principal (Administration) Dr. Method Semiono Samwel, welcoming delegates from NENU (not in the picture)
Deputy Principal (Administration) Dr. Method Semiono Samwel is flanked with NENU Vice President Prof. Jianhua Guo (Left) and NENU Coordinator of International Cooperation and Exchange, Prof. Lijun Zhang (Right) during the walk around the environs.
Going through the narrow path past the DARUSO offices
The walk toward the Main Administrative Building from the New Lecture Theatre
Pictured above (From Left) are Dr. Desheng Sun, Dr. Method Semiono Samwel, Prof. Jianhua Guo, Prof. Yingxiu Yang, Dr. Lijun Zhang, and Dr. Lin Zhou
Sharing the history of DUCE in front of the plaque which dates the official opening of the then Dar es Salaam Teachers’ College by the Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere in 1965.
Delegation led to the College Main Library.
The Director of Library, Dr. Luka Mkonongwa (holding a book) welcoming NENU delegation to the library. Looking on is Mr. Geofrey Kalumuna (far right), the Coordinator of International Links at DUCE
Director of Library, Dr. Luka Mkonongwa (Left), takes the delegates to the computer laboratory in the library.

Deputy Principal (Administration), Dr. Method Semiono Samwel, holding a brief talk with NENU delegates after the library tour.