Academic members of staff at DUCE have been called to proactively begin to respond to the needs of a ‘research university’ in order to attain high levels of scholarship, economic productivity, and world leadership.

The call was made yesterday to PhD holders by Prof. Abel G. Ishumi from the School of Education (SoED) at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) during the start of five-day training on effective graduate thesis supervision organized by the Directorate of Public Services.

Prof. Ishumi who is renowned in sociology of education said that unlike ‘teaching universities’ which focus more on teaching, ‘research universities’ focus more on research conducted by academic staff members and their respective graduate students adding that the current demand of the University of Dar es Salaam is to transform into a full-fledged ‘research university’.

‘The University of Dar es Salaam can only become a ‘research university’ if we do not ignore the fact that the current trend of the world class universities is to become ‘research universities’ where graduate research activities are the prime,’ the Professor explained.

He further said that the College can only become a ‘research university’ by empowering the academic members of staff to undertake the role of strengthening postgraduate research supervision.

The Deputy Principal (Academic-DUCE), Dr. Julius Mbuna, said the importance of the graduate supervision training at DUCE cannot be overemphasized considering that DUCE is a fast growing College whose scholars need to be empowered.

Topics that will be covered during the week-long training include the essence of research, the basics of research and research practice, principal features of dissertation/thesis, rights and responsibilities of graduate students, and scientific supervisor-supervisee relationship, among others. About 40 academic members of staff attended the training sessions yesterday.

The Director of Public Services of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Dr. Mona Mwakalinga (Standing) gives the overview of the training on postgraduate student thesis supervision. Seated on her right are the main trainer, Prof. Abel G. Ishumi from the School of Education (SoED-UDSM), the Deputy Principal (Academic-DUCE), and the co-trainer, Dr. Adolphina G. Kateka, from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Fisheries Technology (CoAF).
Prof. Abel G. Ishumi, presenting the talk on the purpose and objectives of the training on graduate student thesis/dissertation supervision
A section of academic members of staff following the presentations