The Management Committee of DUCE has hailed sportsmen and women who participated in SHIMMUTA Games Championship 2018 saying they had done a good job.

The sportsmen and women were given official handshakes during a brief ceremony in which the Principal Games Tutor, Ms. Riziki Luoga, submitted to the College five trophies won.

The Principal of DUCE, Prof. Bernadeta Killian, said that the College is proud of the victory and promised to put more support on sports activities.

‘It is our aim to do whatever is in our power to promote sports despite budgetary bottlenecks,’ Prof. Killian said committing herself to strengthen sports activities at the college.

The Deputy Principal (Administration), Dr. Method Semiono, urged the sportsmen and women to work even harder to attract more trophies during SHIMMUTA Games Championships this year.

Ms. Judy Ndendya receives a trophy for emerging the 100-Metre Race Champion for three consecutive years
Team DUCE SHIMMUTA 2018 poses with the assortment of trophies (in the box). From Left: Ms. Shukuru Misozi, Ms. Maura Mapunda, Mr. Gerald Mvungi, Ms. Ruth Mahenge, Ms. Nifa Bakari, Mr. Emmanuel Nkotya, Mr. Sidney Matemanga, and Mr. Halfani Andekisye……
DUCE Games Tutor, Ms. Riziki Luoga, giving a brief account of sports and games activities at the college before she introduced the sports champions to the Management Committee
Ms. Judith Ndendya receives the Gold Medal for 100-Metre Race
The Cards Champion, Mr. Lusato Majura, receives a trophy
800-Metre Race Second Winner, Ms. Maura Mapunda, receives a Medal
‘Bao’ Champion, Ms. Nifa Bakari, receives a trophy
Sportsmen pose with colleagues: Dr. Elbert Mbukwa (Left) and Mr. Hamis Kimweri (Right)
The Principal of DUCE, Prof. Bernadeta Killian (Seated Centre), the Deputy Principal (Administration), Dr. Method Semiono (Seated Left), and the Deputy Principal (Academic), Dr. Julius Mbuna (Seated Right) pose with sportsmen and women