The Vice President of Seeding Labs – US-based donor company, Dr. Melissa Wu, visited DUCE on 31st August, 2018. The visit came after the College won the Instrumental Access Award organized by the Seeding Labs last year. The award made it possible for DUCE to receive laboratory equipment and apparatuses aimed to improving learning of science subjects at the College.

Behind the award is the Head of Chemistry Department, Dr. Dative Shilla, who wrote the project and emerged the winner. Some of the laboratory equipment were received at the College in this year.

On her arrival, Dr. Melissa P. Wu was received by the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Science, Dr. Thadei Sagamiko, the Head of Chemistry Department, Dr. Dativa Shilla and a staff of Chemistry Department, Mr. Emmanuel Nkotya.

The College Principal, Prof. Bernadeta Killian, and the Deputy Principal Administration, Dr. Method Semiono thanked Dr. Melisa on behalf of Seeding Labs for the support to the College.

Before leaving the College, Dr. Melisa had chance to visit the science laboratories where the equipment were installed.

DUCE Faculty of Science staff members with Dr. Mellisa Wu walking past the College main entrance. Posing in front of the College gate from left are Dr. Dativa Shilla, Mr. Emmanuel Nkotya, Dr. Elissa Wu, and Dr. Thadei Sagamiko.
“Karibu DUCE” with smiles as the faculty of Science members and Dr. Mellisa Wu arrives at TPC building to meet the College management.
The Principal, Prof. Bernadeta Killian, reading the impact report from the Seeding Labs Vice President, Dr. Mellisa Wu, during the visit to the College.
The Deputy Principal (Administration), Dr. Method Semiono, holding a brief talk with the Seed Labs Vice President, Dr. Mellisa Wu

Dr. Mellisa Wu (left) sharing a light moment with the Acting Dean of Faculty of Science, Dr. Thadei Sagamiko (right)
Dr. Mellisa Wu had time to see improvement of science laboratories where equipment and apparatuses from the Seeding Labs were installed
The Head of Chemistry Department, Dr. Dativa Shilla (left), explaining a point during Dr. Mellisa’s visit at one of the science laboratories

Some of the Laboratory equipment and apparatus that were received earlier this year from Seeding Labs