The Department of Languages and Literature held a special two-day workshop from 17th to 18th January 2019 where academic staff members had time to present their studies. The new head of Department, Dr. Loveluck Philip, said the workshop was designed to impart analytical and presentation skills so that members of staff come up with publishable papers.

“Some members of staff are junior which means they need to be mentored in academic writing and presentation skills,” Dr. Philip said during the opening remarks.

The boss of the department also explained that after the presentations the presenters would be supported to sharpen their papers and get them published in authoritative journals.

According to the Coordinator of Academic Seminars in the Department, Mr. Immanuel Ilonga, the seminars pave way for academic growth the attribute which is considered central to university life.

“This is a time when academic members of staff get time to share their research findings before they submit their manuscripts to journals,” said the Coordinator mentioning the ‘publish or perish’ being a driving force of survival as an academician.

Department seminars are regularly scheduled to give room to researchers to share their research projects findings. Thirteen papers including PhD findings were presented during the two-day seminar.

Ms. Dorcas Mwasunda, presents a paper on a reflection of husband – wife affinity in Nyiha oral traditions before members of the department
Attentive! Following one of the presentations
Mr. Immanuel Ilonga, presenting a paper on a reflection of University students’ slang expressions. Mr. Ilonga also presented another paper on a discourse of online visual commercial adverts in Tanzania: the practice of telecom companies in social media