Michigan State University College of Education welcomed at DUCE

Collaboration between DUCE and Michigan State University (MSU) (College of Education) entered a new milestone when students and faculty members from Michigan visited DUCE last week.

The visit was part of the joint programme to provide students from Michigan and their Tanzanian counterparts with unique opportunity to explore a number of issues such as health, education, and well-being for the youth impacting on the wider community.

During the tour of the college, the visitors were taken around the demonstration schools to observe educational best practices. DUCE has been collaborating with MSU through Tanzania Partnership Program for more than eight years now. The visit this year is yet another opportunity for MSU and DUCE to continue to explore more areas of collaboration.

From left; Dr. Consolata Chua, Dean Faculty of Education, Dr. Christina Raphael, Coordinator of Demonstration Schools at DUCE and Dr. Margo Glew – Programme Director, Global Educators, Cohort Programme (Michigan State University) walking to the College Board Room for a meeting.
Ag. Deputy Principal (Academic), Dr. Julius Mbuna, in a tete-a-tete with Michigan State University Programme Director, Global Educators, Cohort Programme, Dr. Margo Glew, before the meeting began.
Ag. Deputy Principal (Administration), Dr. Method Samwel, making a brief address to the delegates (not in picture) during the event.
Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Emiliana Mwita (standing) making a remark. Looking on from left are; Ms.Marry Anne Reid from Michigan State University, Dr. Method Samwel (DUCE Deputy Principal – Administration) and Dr. Julius Mbuna (DUCE Deputy Principal – Academic).
Dr. Karl Ericson from Michigan State University making an address during the meeting.
Standing from left are Dr. Christina Raphael (DUCE), Ms. Alyssa Morley (MSU), Dr. James Tano (DUCE), Dr. Consolata Chua (DUCE), Dr.Joel Kayombo (DUCE).Seated from left are; Ms. Mary Anne Reid(MSU), Dr. Method Samwel (DUCE), Dr. Julius Mbuna (DUCE), Dr. Margo Glew (MSU), Dr. Karl Ericson (MSU), Dr. Emiliana Mwita (DUCE).

The US and DUCE students – “buddies”, spend time sharing information about their home education systems and engage in dialogues about important educational issues.