DUCE Special Education Unit has organized a two-week Sign Language training programme. The aim of the programme is to teach Sign Language to DUCE community staffs working in the Special Education Unit and interested parties – mainly DUCE students. It is expected that the trainees will be able to communicate effectively with people with hearing impairment upon completing the training.

Sign Language instructor, Ms. Subira Mpurute, from CCBRT Advocacy Unit is among facilitators in the two week training
Participants practice Sign Language during one of the sessions. Sign Language combines hand movements and facial expressions ensure effective communication


Library staff members, Ms. Angel Msei and Mr. Chaninga, listen to instructions and sign


A section of trainees practice signing using instructions


Special Education Unit readers and scribers, Ms. Ingiahed Julius and Mr. Joshua Hangi, signs following instructions


Ms. Rehema Kombo and Mr. Raphael Semngumi , Special Education Unit staff practice Sing Language in a pair