From 6th to 24th May, 2019, Canadian teacher-students from the University of Victoria undertook their practicum at the demonstration primary school at DUCE as part of the College’s internationalization drive.

The practicum is the result of long standing inter-university partnership between the faculties of education of both institutions – DUCE and the University of Victoria (Canada). The student-teachers worked in pairs to teach lower grades – Standard I and Standard II.  

The UVic team of student-teachers comprised the following; Ms. Nicole Hare, Ms. Martha Palmer, Ms. Erin Kaldestad, Ms. Carly Pearson, Ms. Amanda Scott and Ms. Cassidy Lindsay.

The Faculty of Education at DUCE and their counterpart at UVic have an agreement to collaborate in practicum, specifically placement for UVic student teachers at the primary school.

Ms. Nicole Hare poses with two Standard I pupils to end a session