1. Who can be a member?

A person who has graduated from or working with the Dar es salaam University College of Education (DUCE). The following shall be eligible for membership upon fulfillment of the prescribed procedures: –

  • All persons who have successfully completed their studies at DUCE, including the former Dar es salaam Teachers College
  • Persons granted honorary degrees by DUCE
  • The members of DUCE management Council
  • The Principal the College
  • The former DUCE Full time permanent staff members
  1. Who can be a partner?

Persons or corporates of goodwill who would like to partner with DUCE Alumni Association in advancing the goals of the Association or the College at large. Such partners includes but not limited to:

  • Individuals of goodwill
  • Philanthropists and foundations
  • Government institutions
  • Private corporations
  • Multinational Corporations
  • Bilateral and multi-lateral agencies
  • Universities (local and foreign)
  • International Organizations
  • Others (specify)………………………………
  1. What are the benefits of being a member/partner?
    a) Membership Benefits

The persons who register with the Association benefits enormously by staying connected to DUCE through:

  • Networking opportunities for professional development
  • Certificate of Membership and University Alumni badge (label)
  • Membership Smart Card that gives you access to services in and outside DUCE e.g. Library and Retail outlets
  • Access to discounted Alumni branded items sold at the College Bookstore
  • Participation in the Governance of the University and Alumni Association
  • Regularly updated through DUCE Newsletters, facebook and email alerts
  • Recognition through Distinguished Leadership Awards
    b) Partnership Benefits

The individuals or institutions that partners with the Association benefits through:

  • Developing the Next Generation of Leaders through Alumni Scholarship, mentorship and internship programme
  • Certificate of recognition to all Corporate and Individual partners
  • Recognition in form of individual or corporate branding on donated facilities/items
  • Invitations to Alumni networking meetings and forums
  • Invitation to the College Principal, Vice Chancellor and Chancellor’s breakfast meetings with partners
  • Oppotunities to hold career fairs and graduates recruitment drive at the University
  • Regularly updated about the University and the Alumni Association’s activities and programmes through newsletter, annual reports and regular updates though official letters and other media.

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